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            3K Laser -- laser and automation intelligent equipment solutions provider


            Job title:Sales engineer

            The job description:

              1. Prepared my annual, quarterly and monthly sales plan according to the sales target and sales plan issued by the company, and made sales forecast;

              2. Actively and diligently sell products and timely collect payment, control the occurrence of bad debts and take charge of clearing bad debts and bad debts;

              3. Develop new customers and maintain relations with old and new customers, update CRM system timely and accurately as required, and track and analyze customer related information;

              4. Established and maintained customer files, dealt with and followed up important customer relations and orders;

              5. Exploit potential market and customer resources, and master key customer resources;

              6. Cooperate with the company to participate in marketing activities, such as industry exhibitions and seminars;

              7. Communicate with customers on behalf of the company, and handle customer complaints;

              8. Put forward reasonable Suggestions according to the sales situation and the company's development needs;

              9. Coordinated internal resources of the company to improve customer satisfaction;

              10. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.

            Job requirements:
            Bachelor degree or above in laser, material or mechatronics.At least 3 years relevant experience in laser and laser industry, have a certain degree of understanding of the photoelectric product itself and its market positioning, familiar with the industry
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