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            Lithium battery tab laser cutting and welding

            Published in:2018-09-14Views:1304 Times

            The main function of this equipment is the polarity electrode electrode forming process of the lithium battery,which can completely replace the traditional hardware die cutting equipment and welding equipment with automation; it has the characteristics of high speed, good consistency of processed products and low cost of use. The equipment is modular design, and users can choose different functions according to the requirement of customer. 

            ■ No need for mold consumables,  save a lot of mold costs.

            ■ Compatibility of all kinds of electrode size , one keyboard toggle.

            ■ Fast cutting speed, good cutting quality and high product consistency.

            ■ Can adapt to thinner substrates, compatible with winding and stacking processes.

            ■ Very effective dust and burr solution.

            It is suitable for shaping the two sides of anode and cathode of lithium battery. And  can be combined with automation and cut at the same time with single or double station laser, which can realize online cutting.

            Widely used in lithium batteries and solar energy and other new energy industries.