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            Polyethylene garbage bag marking

            Published in:2019-01-25Views:1369 Times

            The laser marking machine prints marks on the surface of plastic products, which is a new marking technology with high processing speed, which can maintain the inherent surface characteristics of plastic products, and make letters or icons and plastic products integrated. Laser marking machines for plastic products use laser beams to directly generate marks on plastic surfaces, including marks, codes, labels, characters, lines, numbers, and even colors, without the need for other processing steps.

            Different lasers can emit different wavelengths of laser, and different lasers have different penetration capabilities; and the adaptability of different lasers has an impact on marking quality and marking speed. Different plastics have different laser energy absorption rates. Some plastics are easy to mark because they absorb energy easily, while others do not absorb laser light. The absorption of laser energy is a function of wavelength, so different plastics will be labeled with different qualities under the same laser intensity.